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Theresa Rich, a Farmington Hills resident for more than 20 years, has put her hat in the ring for the November 3rd Farmington Hills City Council election. She is running to ensure that Farmington Hills is a strong community for a lifetime where our seniors can age in place with dignity and where we have a strong infrastructure for our hard-working families. “We moved here as a new family because Farmington Hills had everything we wanted in a community,” Rich said. “I am running for City Council to make sure that this will continue to be true. Our children need to think of Farmington Hills as a place of opportunity for everyone, the place where they want to live their adult lives and not just think back on fondly as that place where they grew up.”


Rich has served in leadership positions on numerous boards, committees and commissions. In Farmington Hills, she served ten years on the Board of the Farmington Hills/Farmington Foundation for Youth & Families, including seven years as the Allocations Chair; the Commission for Children, Youth & Families; the Committee to Increase Voter Participation; the Arts Commission; and the Heritage Hills Homeowners Association, including two years as President. She is also the Vice President of the Oakland Schools Board of Education, Secretary of the Oakland Schools Education Foundation, and an Advisory Council member of the Girl Scouts for Southeastern Michigan.


Theresa Rich is an attorney and holds a PhD in business. She has worked at General Motors for the past 30 years and is currently part of the Global Talent & Development department.


She lives in Farmington Hills with her husband, Brian Rich. Their two children, Zachary and Alyson, attend public Michigan universities.


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