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Farmington Hills is a great community and I am proud to live here. Yet there is work to be done to keep it strong. As I talk with people in our community, I hear so many stories that affirm my decision to run for office:


     Mark and Sally, retirees on a fixed income, love visiting their grandchildren, who live a plane ride away.  They would love nothing more than to have their children see Farmington Hills as a place of opportunity for their future, just like Mark and Sally did a generation ago. 


     Carol, a school teacher, had finally planned her retirement date after years of meticulous saving. Her adult children are under-employed and living under her roof along with her grandchildren. The unexpected added expense means she'll have to work a few more years to make sure her retirement income will see her through.


     Jessica will graduate soon and looks forward to the start of her teaching career, but wonders about finding a job. Will she be able to find work in her home state, or will she follow in the footsteps of so many other  graduates who take their degrees to other states?


     Joseph, 22, had to walk away from community college and take on two jobs, because his dad is unable to find work.


      While there is certainly a lot right about the Farmington Hills where we all choose to live, we can do better than this. I know we can. I will work hard to make sure that Farmington Hills remains a place of opportunity for everyone.


     I grew up with strong Michigan values and learned at an early age to participate in making my community better. I know what it's like to fall on hard times and need a hand up. I know what it's like to be a minimum wage waitress putting herself through school. I know first-hand how an education creates opportunities to succeed. And I know the challenges of raising a family.


     As a tax attorney and experienced business person, I understand the importance of bringing businesses and opportunity to our community. And as a long-term Farmington Hills resident, I appreciate we need to balance this with maintaining the rural character of the community.


     As a mother, I believe we should leave a clean, safe and welcoming Farmington Hills for our children and grandchildren. And at the same time, we need to make sure our seniors are able to age in place with dignity, with the services they need to stay in their homes.


     After 23 years in this community, I look forward to offering my tax experience, my business background, my years of service and my strong, family values to the betterment of our Farmington Hills. I am confident that I am best suited to serve our community as a member of the Farmington Hills City Council.


      I’d appreciate your vote on November 3rd.


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